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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I support Stream Closed Captioner?

You love Stream Closed Captioner and want to support it? That's awesome and would be greatly appreciated!!!

Why do I have to use Google Chrome?

Right now, Google Chrome is the backbone of the application because it contains the ability to text to speech for free. Unfortunately all the other browsers do not contain the capability to do text to speech. An alternative would be to use speech to text services but those cost money which would force me to charge to use the extension/website. Once this does become available in other browser all be sure to update things so you would no longer be forced to use Google Chrome.

Why are you charging for translations?

In order to offer text translations I am using Azure Cognitive Service to help translate from your spoken language to a select number of languages automatically. Unfortunately this sort of service is not free, so I am only charging a small amount to cover some of the cost and I am covering the rest of the bill right now thanks to some credits I currently am able to utilize. Azure charges for each word translated to each language. Once I no longer can use those credits or volume of translations increases to much, unfortunately I will be forced to increase the cost of translations. Fingers crossed that doesnt happen anytime soon.

Do I have to keep the browser window or tab open while streaming for Closed Captioning to work?

Yes you do, in order for the the speech to text to work the browser window must be kept open so that it can continue listening to your microphone If you end up accidentally closing the window Stream Closed Captioner can no longer receive your speech to text and your viewers will no longer see Closed Captioning.

How many people do you have working on Stream Closed Captioner?

Only one person is working on Stream Closed Captioner and thats me, Erik (Talk2MeGooseman) Guzman. I spend my free time after work or during my Twitch streams to work on this project along with a number of other projects I have. Please be kind and understanding that this is a labor of love and I am doing the best I can ❤️.

How much does it cost to keep Stream Closed Captioner running?

Right now Stream Closed Captioner cost about $120 to run the entire service. I am paying for this out of my own pocket to continue to offer Stream Closed Captioner for free.

How can I get my friends speech also captured if I am chatting with them in Discord?

If you would like to also capture the voice audio of your friends have have Stream Closed Captioner covert their speech to text, you can use Voicemeter Banana. Configure Voicemeter to capture the output of Discord and your microphone and have Stream Closed Captioner listen to the Voicemeter output.

How can I get contact you?