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Easily add Closed Captions to your Twitch stream or Zoom meeting today with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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Make your streams more accessiable to the hard of hearing, all you have to do is create an account and you get all these awesome features.

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Closed Captions for your Twitch Channel

Closed Captions for your Zoom Meeting

Easy to Use Twitch Viewer Settings

Add Captions to your Twitch VODs using OBS WebSocket for OBS Studio

Getting Started is Easy

Install the Extension on your Twitch channel

Choose to activate it as a video overlay or panel extension for your channel, it also works on mobile.

Click to install
Image of the Twitch extension installation page
Stream Closed Captioner registration page

Sign Up for an Account

You can easily sign up using your Twitch account to get started on your channel, or sign up with e-mail if you want to just use it for Zoom.

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Get your setting just right

Open up the settings panel to set your native language or your Zoom URL and more...

Configure settings
Stream Closed Captioner caption settings page
Stream Closed Captioner dashboard page focused on the start captions button

Click "Start Closed Captions"

Click a single button to start Closed Captioning on your Twitch channel or Zoom meeting.

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