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Everything Stream Closed Captioner, where you can find out about news, updates, and features.


Supporter Recognition Page

New supporters page added to Stream Closed Captioner to highlight all my lovely supporters.

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Full Dark Mode Support

Added the ability for dark mode to automatically detect your system settings or manually control it.

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Custom Blocklist Now Available

Custom blocklist words is now available!

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Stream Closed Captioner v1.6.3

Twitch extension for Stream Closed Captioner v1.6.3 has been release fixing the timing issues with captions and more.

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Microsoft Edge Now Supported!

Microsoft Edge has officially added support for Speech Recognition. Now Stream Closed Captioner users can use Edge for enable Closed Captions.

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New Feature: Pirate Translator

New captions setting that will translate your English to Pirate is now live.

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June 2021 Monthly Update

June 2021 Monthly update for costs and on going work.

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Stream Closed Captioner Extension v1.6.1 Release

New release of Stream Closed Captioner Twith Extension bring a new options to select you own font color!

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Deploying Elixir: Package Problems

Vlog and transcribed blog post about issue I found the very first day after deploying Stream Closed Captioner

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May 2021 Monthly Update

Update on server costs and things in development. Check it out if your curious

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Stream Closed Captioner 5 Day Update

Hey folks here is a Vlog on how the new launch went and where I want to go next.

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Announcing The New and Improved Stream Closed Captioner

Announcing the new Stream Closed Captioner rewrite and design!

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